We satisfy the most stringent demands

Thanks to our cleanroom facilities.

A closed safety chain of highly-experienced personnel, meticulously clean vehicles and state-of-the-art equipment is the key to safe and hygienic food filling in the food handling sector. Central to our cleanroom packaging expertise are our three sites with cleanroom facilities in Duisburg, Leipheim and Worms.

In addition to food transport, our portfolio as a 360° logistics services provider ranges from the storage and debagging of loose foodstuffs in tower silos to the filling and refilling of products under Class D cleanroom conditions. These are all climate-controlled rooms in which filtered air with regulated humidity is circulated at a slight overpressure. This reduces the concentration of airborne particles to a minimum and prevents product contamination.

We can present all required certificates such as FSSCC and IFS Food, and are licensed as an establishment involved in food production in accordance with the EU Hygiene Package.

In order to fulfil the most stringent requirements, we observe and fulfil the highest food safety and hygiene standards in our fleet, our cleaning facilities and cleanrooms. A particularly high degree of acceptance for the importance of quality and hygiene standards is essential. An example: our automatic filling stations are operated exclusively by specially trained and qualified personnel, all of whom have absolved a training programme lasting several weeks and passed a strict in-house examination.