Always where you need us.

Our on-site services enable us to offer our customers absolute flexibility. We assign personnel to handle our services at the customer’s site and our customers can concentrate completely on their core business activities. Close partnership and collaboration and thorough training and familiarisation of our outsourced staff enable the realisation of smooth, seamless and dynamic workflows.

Our on-site concepts offer you a wide range of specialist services – you specify the services you want us to provide and how we can best support you. As always, the final decision on the type and the scope of the services we should provide is made exclusively by our customers.

Our on-site services:

  • Filling/refilling
  • Debagging   
  • Pallet warehousing
  • Container handling/container storage
  • Silo inventory control
  • Silo vehicle inspection
  • Silo loading
  • Loading of packaged products
  • Maintenance and repair of machines and equipment
  • Staff leasing

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