The cleaning and purification of various products is often an important step in the value chain. As the causes and initial situations often differ enormously, we offer our customers a range of cleaning processes with a variety of options to meet their specific needs.

In addition to product cleaning, we can also provide storage and handle the entire pre-carriage and on-carriage procedures for our customers. All services come from a single source and guarantee a smooth and seamless process.



Disinfection ensures that raw food products are safe for consumers and considerably extends their storage life – infestation with harmful spores or bacteria is significantly reduced or completely eliminated. We are familiar with and meticulously adhere to the stringent statutory regulations governing this treatment. Our facilities are also certified for the disinfection of organic products. In the organic foods sector, we disinfect our customers’ products in autoclaves to prevent potential cross-contamination. Autoclaves are not only ideal for the treatment of organic products, but also for other products suitable for this form of disinfection and pest control – e.g. raw food products, herbs and spices and seeds. The products remain packaged (in PP woven bags) throughout the entire disinfection process. Conversely, a continuous process with a vaporiser is an ideal alternative for the disinfection of free-flowing products. Here, the products are cleaned, dedusted and destoned during the process. On request, we can also sieve and wash the products for our customers.



Impaired products and defective batches cause serious problems. We recondition the products with a number of different and product-specific processes and restore them to their original condition.