Moisture can adversely affect process reliability and product quality when processing various raw food and other products. These materials are often subjected to temperature fluctuations during transport and storage. The material can become damp due to the surface condensation of moisture contained in the air. Depending on the time of year and weather conditions, contact with the ambient air can also lead to the absorption of moisture. Our portfolio of services therefore also includes drying and/or post-drying processes for the restoration of product safety and quality.

Post-drying is essential when raw food products have become damp. It removes any odours that may have formed and the product is restored to a state suitable for further processing. The autoclaves we use for drying various products in PP woven bags are also certified for the drying of organic products. This method prevents cross-contamination, as the products remain bagged throughout the entire drying process. We can also offer you storage of the products to be dried as a part of our all-round service.