When it comes to outbound and inbound logistics, there are often considerable differences between the production processes of raw materials producers and processors. Compensating for this is either technically challenging or too costly. One example of such differences is the filling of raw goods in granulated, powdered or fine particulate form into sacks or big bags for producers and the downstream industry’s need for silo goods for further processing. We compensate this discrepancy and offer processing-compliant supply to our customers and, respectively, delivery to the final recipient. This saves time and human resources and enables efficient quality control.

We offer filling services for our customers in the food and non-food segments – these are, of course, systematically separated from one another and always in compliance with the strictest quality and safety standards.

Comprehensive range of filling options:

  • From filling silos into big bags, octabins, drums and sacks, e.g. form-fill-seal (FFS) sacks, valve sacks and open-mouth bags
  • Additional scan for metallic residues
  • Automatic palletising and wrapping
  • Packaging units from 15 kg to 1000 kg