As granulates in good and homogeneous quality are one of the most important prerequisites for high quality products, the sieving of granulates and powdered products plays an essential role in the quality assurance process. We make it possible for our customers to fulfil these strict quality requirements.

In the production process, the removal of dust, agglomerates and over-lengths plays a significant role in the achievement of the desired grain size and product quality of the granulated material. The differing properties of plastic pellets present significant challenges to sieving technologies. We overcome these challenges with our individual and specific sieving processes. Depending on the form and size of the materials, we segment them with long-stroke sieves, tumbler screens and ultrasonic, centrifugal or vibratory sieves. Our broad spectrum of sieving technologies enables us to guarantee consistent premium quality in the sieving process. For our sieving processes, it makes no difference whether the products are delivered loose or packaged.

We offer sieving processes for our customers in the food and non-food segments – these are, of course, systematically separated from one another and always in compliance with the strictest quality and safety standards.