Refilling and debagging

If required by our customers, we provide refilling and debagging services for the transfer of free-flowing products from a variety of containers to trucks for bulk transport. In our debagging stations, we refill the products into cross-bottom bags, valve sacks, octabins, drums or big bags and palletise them. We are also specialists for the reverse process: rebulking. In this process, products in big bags or other containers are debagged into silo trailers for road transport.  To prevent any possibility of contamination, we always take particular product characteristics into account during our refilling processes. For this process, special expertise and equipment are essential for guaranteeing compliance with product quality and safety standards. If required, we can also sieve the bulk materials during refilling or debagging.

For our customers, the advantage of debagged products is that they are much easier to use, and therefore offer the greatest possible flexibility with regard to production technologies. We provide debagging services for our customers in the food and non-food segments – these are, of course, systematically separated from one another and always in compliance with the strictest quality and safety standards.

Wide range of refilling and debagging options:

  • Refilling into sacks, big bags, octabins and drums
  • Refilling into overseas containers (bag-in-box)
  • Debagging of packed products into silo vehicles or silo containers