Although all processing steps in the production of plastics are characterised by extreme efficiency, the presence of impurities in pellets cannot be ruled out. Pellets can, for example, be contaminated by burned materials. Product quality may also be impaired by incorrect storage or during the unpacking process. To eliminate imperfections and guarantee the quality and purity of the granules, we offer a specially developed process technology for the sorting of mixed or damaged pellets or granules. This works regardless of the container types in which the shipper delivers the bulk materials. We accept shipments as loose batches and filled in sacks, big bags or octabins.

Our state-of-the-art systems (GranuControl) sort out and remove even the smallest foreign particles. In addition, a unique colour control system (ROC-ColorControl) ensures the precise identification of colours. The granulated material to be sorted is captured in flight by a high-resolution, high-speed colour line scan camera. Shape, colour and texture properties are determined from image data and the product class can be identified. After classification, specially developed software controls a series of ultra-high-speed air jets that precisely sort the granules into their respective classes. As the quality of the granules is guaranteed at the highest level and without variations in quality, the sorting of plastics in this way guarantees significantly increased efficiency.

There is a close correlation between cost-effectiveness, the fulfilment of statutory regulations and the demands on process technologies. For us, it is precisely this correlation that led to our development of the cutting-edge sorting technology in use at our company today. The sorting of high-quality plastic pellets offers significant added value for all players in the field of bulk logistics.

Granule sorting method:

  • Removal of misshapen granules
  • Removal of surface incrustations
  • Removal of foreign particles

Mobile Granule Clinic®

The mobile plastics sorting system developed by our group partner Separation AG allows us to offer our customers a unique sorting option that can be deployed wherever and whenever it is needed. Installed in a 20 ft. container, the system is mounted on a chassis for easy transportation and can be set up by a two-man team and ready to run in just a few hours. The uncomplicated and safe process combines four separating methods developed especially for plastics-specific sorting tasks and enables us to deploy the most suitable technology for our customers anywhere and at any time.