Wind sifting

Wind sifting offers a broad spectrum of possibilities for the separation of plastics. It is an ideal process for the removal of finest dust particles. In the dedusting process, a four-stage conical counterflow separator with a stream of ionised air can even detach and efficiently remove electrostatically charged impurities adhering to the surface of granules. This means that not only dust from the product itself, like angel-hair, snake skins, foils and tinsel, are removed, but also microscopically fine adhesions such as black specks or foreign dust particles. Together with simple cleaning, the high-quality, electropolished stainless steel construction fulfils stringent FDA standards. We offer our customers wind sifting at our sites and also have two mobile units that can be deployed whenever and wherever they are needed. Two wind sifters are installed in the mobile granule clinic® mobile granulate sorting systems and offer our customers a promising, innovative technology.