Hazardous materials warehousing

We store various hazardous materials for our customers at our sites in Burghausen, Duisburg and Worms. We maintain a tight focus on the assurance of absolute safety. The components of our sophisticated safety system range from fire detection and alarm systems with direct communication to fire services and automatic fire extinguisher systems to monitoring of the technical ventilation of storage containers. We fulfil all currently applicable safety standards.

We provide numerous value-added contract logistics services for our customers in the hazardous materials sector. To avoid potential interface problems between warehousing software and customer software, we work with the same software as our customers from the outset. Pallets are scanned and registered in our SAP system on collection and rescanned when placed in storage as confirmation. This enables seamless tracking of goods in the customer’s own SAP system. At our sites, the protection of all parties involved, animal life and the environment has absolute priority.

We can store the following hazardous materials for you:

  • Magnesium, calcium silicide, calcium carbide and other Class 4.3 hazardous substances
  • Barium chloride
  • German Water Hazard Classification (WGK) Class 3 products