We offer pallet warehousing for our customers from a wide range of industries. We provide tailored pallet warehousing concepts that always take the particular needs and demands of our customers into account. We work with state-of-the-art racking technology and ensure ideal conditions for all our customers by the combination of different systems. Our individualised warehousing is fully supported by IT and interfaced to our SAP systems to guarantee seamless traceability and optimum utilisation of warehouse capacities at all times. In addition to pallet warehousing, we would be pleased to handle all pre-carriage and on-carriage procedures for you – and also the product handling for a wide range of products and companies. This is one of our core business areas.

Our racking systems for optimum warehouse space utilisation:

  • Mobile racking systems
  • Narrow-aisle pallet racking
  • Single-storage pallet racks
  • Drive-in satellite system (DIS)
  • Drive-in pallet racking
  • Post pallets