Granulate belt thrower

In logistics, optimum utilisation of available space is money in the bank. Precisely this can be achieved with the help of a granulate belt thrower. With our granulate belt thrower, we can carry out on-site rear loading of both 20 and 30-foot containers. Thanks to its tipping chassis, the thrower can be flexibly configured for a variety of loading scenario. The thrower is inserted into the container’s PE inliner and the granulate is gravity-fed from a hopper onto the conveyor belt, where it is accelerated and thrown into the container. Appropriate adjustment of the belt speed and angle of the throwing belt enable the utilisation of the container’s full loading capacity.

Our services are not limited to transporting our customers’ goods, we also collect their containers from the terminal, install the PE inliner and handle the loading of the goods at the shipper’s site. We also organise the onward transportation by road, rail or waterways and, if required, can also provide storage facilities for the products..