Silo transport

Our origins lie in silo transport, and, today, conventional and combined silo transport services are still one our areas of particular expertise. In addition to granulates, we transport almost all free-flowing and pourable goods for our customers from the food and non-food industries.

For food products, we offer our customers special, correspondingly marked, semi-trailers suitable only for foodstuffs.
We transport hazardous materials of various classes with our correspondingly marked ADR silo semi-trailers.  Here, personnel specially trained in the professional handling of hazardous materials guarantee human and environmental safety.

We offer our customers the following semi-trailer units for silo transport:

  • Tipping silos        40 m³ - 66 m³
  • Udder silos          25 m³ - 54 m³
  • Vacuum silos       60 m³
  • Jumbo silos          90 m³

Depending on our customers’ needs, we can also provide dedicated vehicles that ensure optimum payload utilisation.